What next?

You’ve probably scored below the required score of your desired university. You now know your fate. The JAMB game is just made to make as many as possible to fail.

Now, should you wait a 365 days again?

Do you still believe writing JAMB next year is a wise decision? If you are not a fresh JAMB customer, you’ll probably know how it feels to see your friends scaling from one level in the university to another while you seat down at home and do the home chores.

Well, you may have seized that opportunity to acquire a vocational skill last year. But, it is a different ball game now, you have no vocational training to put the time to use.

Perhaps, your score can make the colleges or polytechnics and your flexible heart is already considering of settling for less. If I were you, I won’t even allow that thought to seat in my heart for a second. Even the ones that finished from the university are yet to be hired, mind you a ND/HND holder. Rethink.

What Now?

Well, I am not saying you have no choice or you should give in for defeat. My fears are that the alternatives earlier discussed are just far from what your precious future demands. I remember I explained in this article why the university education is more than a fantastic experience.

You can’t just afford to miss out on this deal of a lifetime. By far, it is the higher form of education all over the world. The respect, the privileges and edges one will have at the end worth fighting over the university admission slot.

So If I Were You…

Of course, I will see the importance of higher education and why the best time to pursuit it is now. Banking on JAMB is primarily a waste of time, this analysis proves that point.

If you are actually sane about your admission dreams. If your parents love you to succeed and you too want to. Then what’s keeping you from seizing the day and making the best out of the abundance.

There are great Alternatives to JAMB

In fact, they are not mere alternatives they are the better root to admission success in Nigeria. JAMB is yearly overcrowded with about 1.7 million of aspirants.

The bad news is: the space available is for 400,000 candidates even if all the applicants scored 250 and above. The game is never fair for the righteous. If your uncle is in the system maybe he can work things out for you, but I doubt that much except he is the VC or the Registrar.

Anyways, some men with good foresight has brought great solutions to the table. New matriculation examination like IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB A’ Level posses better chances for aspirants nationwide.

They take it away from the luck game back to the study right, score great and get admitted. With the help of the right advanced learning centres, it becomes easier for you to study right and when you do, the other side of the coin “get admitted” naturally row in.

So What Exactly Can You Do Next?

Excellent. The kind of question I think you may have in heart by now. That’s why I wrote this whole 1000+ words of essay. It’s primarily to enlighten you and set things right.

I write article to point you to the right direction by providing the exact steps you can take from where you are to where you want to be – your desired university. Let’s get to it.

Research the Alternatives

You have plenty of alternatives better off JAMB. You simply need to research them. I will recommend you go with any of the 3 prominent which are:


It’s by far, the most popular alternative to JAMB.

IJMB is widely accepted among both top federal and state universities in the country. Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination is run, supervised and monitor by the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

It is a direct entry examination that give students admission to 200 level in university of their choice. No JAMB required.

Know all about IJMB and decide which center to attend. Call 08036950672 for further information.


You can learn a huge about JUPEB on their official website. There are many reliable center to have a renounce JUPEB tutorials that guaranteed success.


It’s more like the earlier two listed. NABTEB A’ Level not to be mistaken with the NABTEB O Level that’s meant for technical students. Like IJMB and JUPEB, NABTEB help student secure admission to 200 level in most universities in Nigeria.

Also with few more of proper preparation and tutorials from a reliable centre, you are up and ready for these less competitive exam.

Decide which works for you

Now you can go ahead and determine which of the above options work best for you. You can contact an expert to help you succeed.

IJMB may have the highest success, but the program might just not be the type that works with your capacity. Learn deep into these alternatives so as to make the right choice.

Register with the right centre

Your admission dreams can only come to fruition only if you are in the success camp or somewhere better. I can believe any student will succeed in his/her A level examination without deep understanding of the nature of A level exam which can only be taught in remarkable centers.

Put in your best effort

Admission don’t come on a platter of Gold, every student have a story to tell about it. If you are really serious about your admission pursuits whatever alternative you finally settled for, it’s better you put in your best efforts.

Research when needed. Read to succeed. Persist and take your best chances.

Gain Admission to 200 Level

With all said well, I think that should be your next bus stop. You are just simply unstoppable now – not even JAMB can stop you not getting admission. Go ahead and have it.

Probably I have done my best telling you all I know about you getting your desired studentship status, it’s up for you to grab. It is up for you to see success in the great alternatives to JAMB I mentioned. It’s up for you to research your chances with them. Why not go ahead and get what you dream.

Call To Action

If you are serious about getting admission to your desired university. Why not join the success camp today.

At Lankotheory Educational Services, we focus on getting result on the desk. We employ the best materials and human resources to cater for our students needs.

All we want is to see you succeed, that’s why we are educating we vision… Call 08036950672

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